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Microsoft Innovative Expert Educator 2015

Oops, I did it again! This letter arrived yesterday late in the evening and I can’t express how honored and happy I feel: After last’s years great success I thought there is nothing „bigger“ that can fallow, but I was so wrong. Microsoft has (again) selected innovative and outstanding educators from all over the world and I am among this …

GeoGebra Workshop HUM

Auch heuer durfte ich wieder bei den HUM-Lehrern und Lehrerinnen einen GeoGebra-Workshop halten. Für alle, die gerne die ausgwählten Beispiele durchsehen wollen, stelle ich diese gerne wieder hier zur Verfügung: Auch ein Padlet habe ich zur Veranstaltung gemacht: [padlet key=’fn3t2m5o4x9′ width=’100%‘ height=’480′] Danke an alle Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer für die nette Atmosphäre und bis

Educator Webcast Office Mix

So another highlight is just about to start next week: I was invited to talk on the  on Tuesday, November 11th at 17:00. I will have 15 minutes to give some insights into Office Mix and therefore I have created an Office Mix (out of the presentation I am going to use then). So if anybody is interested, feel (at …

Recap of Microsoft Education leaders briefing

Attending an Microsoft event is always a pleasure for me, but coming back from one is even more delightful. Cause I am always filled with lots of ideas and as I call it „buzz for a change“. Seeing innovative people telling their ideas and exchanging thoughts on education fills me with a lot of energy to get things going at …

presentation #msftedu education leaders briefing Brüssel

So here are my slides with some of examples of my use of OneNote in math education for my talk at Brussels at the Microsoft Education leaders briefing. I will try to write a wrap- up of this event in a short time, cause now I am overwhelmed with lots of information and impressions!

Preparing for Education Leaders Briefing in Brussels

So the my personal highlight of 2014 is about to begin: Since Friday I am here in Brussels and tomorrow I will get three companions to attend the Microsoft European Education Leaders Briefing on Tuesday and Wednesday: Yuri, Klara and Anja. I am invited to give a talk about „Innovation in teaching maths using OneNote“ and I can tell you: …